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Ben Ellerby

Ben Ellerby

AWS Serverless Hero and VP of Engineering


Building State-of-the-art Event-Driven Python Microservices with Serverless in AWS

Friday,  Jun 19 | 09:00AM - 09:45AM US ET

Level: Intermediate


Serverless is often thought of in terms of FaaS (like AWS Lambda). There are though many other Serverless services, for instance in AWS there is DynamoDB, API Gateway, Cognito and so on. Serverless microservices can be composed of these underlying services to achieve huge flexibility and speed. However, there is the trap of building a distributed monolith if the right tooling and approach are not used. At the end of 2019 AWS launched a new Serverless service, Amazon EventBridge, making it easier to connect microservices and ingest third-party SaaS as well as AWS events.


This talk will go through the steps to build a state-of-the-art Python Serverless Microservice architecture based on Amazon Eventbridge through the "EventBridge Storming" approach (an extension of Event Storming from Domain-Driven Design). From idea to code in 8 steps.