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Scott Ford

Scott Ford

Founder & Chief Code Whisperer


A Deep Dive into Measuring Dependency Freshness with LibYear

Thursday,  Jun 18 | 03:00PM - 03:45PM US ET

Level: Beginner


LibYear is a dependency freshness measure which helps you learn how out of date your project’s dependencies are. While LibYear has considerable value when used as a “spot” metric, something that you just measure once, there is even more power that can be unlocked when you observe how the metric has trended over time. In this talk, we’ll explore a tool, libmetrics, which is able to compute this metric across a project’s history. The libmetrics tool supports many different dependency management tools from many different frameworks. Also during this talk, we’re going to look at graphs of LibYear over time for many different open source projects. By analyzing these graphs, we can see the long term impacts of different decisions, such as when a team decides to start using Dependabot.