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Suman Debnath

Principal Developer Advocate

Amazon Web Services

Chase Douglas

Co-founder and CTO

Ben Ellerby

AWS Serverless Hero and VP of Engineering


Scott Ford

Founder & Chief Code Whisperer


Caleb Gosnell

DevOps Engineer

Six Feet Up

Michael Howitz

Software Developer


Kenji Kawanobe

Software Engineer

Japan System Laboratory, Inc.

Michael Kennedy


Talk Python To Me & Python Bytes Podcasts

Shubhi Khanna

Computer Science Student

Indira Gandhi Delhi Technical University for Women

Andrew Leeb

Senior Solution Architect

Onna Technologies

Brett Lykins

Senior Network Automation Consultant

Network to Code

Rob McBroom


Six Feet Up

Carl Meyer

Software Engineer


Mike Moran

Senior Strategist

Solosegment & Converseon

Kim Nguyen

Director of Engineering

Six Feet Up

Jonathan Payne

Founder / Senior Consultant

Open Concept Lab / Regenstrief Institute

Hynek Schlawack

Lead Infrastructure and Software Engineer

Variomedia AG

Anna Spysz

Software Engineer

Randy Syring

Chief Executive Developer

Level 12

Nathan Van Gheem

Principal Platform Engineer

Onna Technologies

Marcia Villalba

Developer Advocate

Amazon Web Services

Chrissy Wainwright

Senior Python Developer

Six Feet Up

Moshe Zadka

Senior Site Reliability Engineer