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Brett Lykins

Brett Lykins

Senior Network Automation Consultant

Network to Code

Nornir: Solve Big Problems Fast

Thursday,  Jun 18 | 10:00AM - 10:45AM US ET

Level: Beginner


Managing over 60,000 network devices can be a mind-boggling and difficult task.

Over the years at Rackspace, we have tried many tools and frameworks to help us wrangle this problem, with varying degrees of success.

Recently, we’ve begun making use of Nornir to rapidly solve some of our complex and pressing issues.

Nornir, as a native Python automation framework, allows us to leverage our existing Python based infrastructure, applications, and libraries and generate meaningful and powerful APIs and services for our end users and administrators.

By utilizing Nornir’s built in Inventory, Task, and Result handling framework, we can quickly solve a problem and have an application from prototype to production in under a week.

This allows our network developers to focus on solving the problem at hand, not on reinventing the wheel for every new API or application that is needed.