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Kim Nguyen

Kim Nguyen

Director of Engineering

Six Feet Up

Permissions & Security in Plone

Friday,  Jun 19 | 09:00AM - 09:45AM US ET

Level: Beginner


Data security makes news headlines, often for the wrong reasons, when it has not been implemented correctly, or when it has been added to systems as an afterthought.

Plone is a secure, open source web content management system that is written in Python and has been under active development since 2001.

One of Plone's great strengths is its baked-in security model, which is comprised of:

  • object- and field-level permissions
  • roles
  • groups
  • workflow states, transitions, and guards

In this talk, I will explain the elements of Plone's time-tested security model and I will show how these elements work together to help developers create websites and web applications that are secure by default.

Photo: "The Vault" courtesy Brook Ward