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Suman Debnath

Suman Debnath

Principal Developer Advocate

Amazon Web Services

Suman Debnath

Suman Debnath is a Principal Developer Advocate at Amazon Web Services. He tries to simplify the intricacies of AWS cloud services to developers, aids them to unravel its optimum possibilities and obtain its utmost usage into their application. His key focus areas are: Machine learning, Data Analytics and Storage. He is presently pursuing his M.Tech in Artificial Intelligence from Indian Institute of Technology(IIT), Jodhpur.

Suman has vast experience of working on storage performance measurement , tool development and quality engineering and has authored more than 50 white papers on performance benchmarking and monitoring for Hitachi and IBM. In 2015, he was honoured as the SME for Storage from SNIA and CompTIA. He is a frequent speaker at numerous national and international conferences like OpenSource India, C#Corner, DataHack Summit, GHCI, SNIA SDC and PyCon. He loves to host tech talks/live-code on various areas, like Python, Machine Learning, Data Analytics, and Cloud Computing.