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An Introduction to Django

Wednesday,  Jun 17 | 09:00AM - 12:00PM US ET

Level: Beginner


This tutorial will introduce new and experienced Python developers to the Django web framework. You'll learn what you can do with Django and leave with a small working example. You'll also leave with knowledge of where to go next on your Django journey.

If anyone wants to follow along with the tutorial, here’s what you should have ready:
  • Text editor you’re comfortable with (I’ll be using Sublime)
  • Python 3.7 or greater
  • A virtual environment and knowledge of how to: activate/deactivate that environment; Install packages in that environment
  • Basic command line skills (I’ll be using the terminal): Make/remove a directory; Create/delete files from your command line; Move files b/w directories; Be able to “find where you are” in your file structure; Know where files are saved in your file structure
  • Having the `tree` command installed will be helpful, but not required.
  • Github account (if you want to fork my code or make your code available to others)
  • Have Git installed: Git init; Git add; git push; git checkout; status