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Mike Bayer

Mike Bayer

Senior Software Engineer

Red Hat

Introduction to SQLAlchemy 2020

Wednesday,  Jun 17 | 09:00AM - 12:00PM US ET

Level: Beginner

In this tutorial, we present a "from the ground up" tour of SQLAlchemy, what
the general idea of it is, how it's organized, and what it looks like to use
it.   This is the latest version of the "classic" SQLAlchemy tutorial  which
has been presented on many occasions since 2008, reworked for the current
recommended SQLAlchemy usage patterns with an emphasis on previewing the upcoming 1.4 and 2.0 releases of SQLAlchemy, which are poised to make major changes to many of SQLAlchemy's central paradigms and capabilities.
SQLAlchemy is presented in terms of a four-layered model, which include "Engine and Connection Basics", "Table Metadata", "SQL Expression Language", and "ORM Usage" which is broken into two sections and API use is presented in terms of a console runner application which participants can install locally and follow along.   The tutorial will also present some of the newest in-development features of SQLAlchemy 1.4 which have only just merged.