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Randy Syring

Randy Syring

Chief Executive Developer

Level 12

Testing Best Practices

Wednesday,  Jun 17 | 01:00PM - 04:00PM US ET

Level: Intermediate


We'll use a non-trivial Flask application to review general best practices when testing. In addition, we'll examine methods for testing an application when it must interact with services outside itself. In particular, we will review how to test:

  • Database
  • Celery tasks
  • 3rd party external APIs (REST/JSON)
  • CLI commands
  • Emails
  • Using Continuous Integration (CI) services

We will discuss both principles and implementation so that even if you don't use Flask, the principles learned can be applied to other frameworks (Django, etc.).

This is an intermediate to advanced talk so attendees should feel comfortable:

  • working in Python
  • cloning repos from GitHub
  • using pip and friends to create virtualenvs and install dependencies
  • running applications from the command line
  • using Docker and docker-compose to spin up external services (database, email, RabbitMQ) or having those services installed & available at the OS level
  • familiarity with using pytest will be helpful