Speaker FAQ

Let us ease your mind and answer your Python Web Conf speaker questions.


What is the conference language?
  • The conference is in English.
What technology should I prepare for my talk?
  • We ask that you join the Python Web Conf Slack channel: https://bit.ly/PWC20Slack
  • This will be our main form of communication during the event with other speakers, attendees and sponsors.
  • Slack is integrated into our virtual event platform, LoudSwarm, for communication and questions about your presentation. 


Do I need to register for the event?
  • Speakers do not need to register for the event: your ticket is on us :-)
I've already registered, now what?


Can I edit my speaker profile or my talk abstract?
  • Our team is happy to make any updates for you. Please email MaryBeth at marybeth@sixfeetup.com with any updates.


What is the recommended attire for my presentation?
  • We will be mailing you a speaker jersey with the Python Web Conf logo and our sponsor logos on it. We ask that you wear this jersey for your presentation.
  • If you are unable to or do not feel comfortable with this attire, your day-to-day regular work attire is acceptable. 
How should I format my slides?
  • You can use whichever slideshow presentation software you'd like.
    • A note of caution: presenting in Keynote will take over your entire screen, making you unable to see the LoudSwarm screen with Slack and Zoom.
  • We recommend keeping slides simple with high-contrasting colors and large text. 
  • If you are showing code, please zoom in the font size so it is legible on all screens (typically 150% works well).
  • We will have your video in the upper right-hand corner of the recording and our conference logo in the lower right-hand corner, so please keep those areas clear as you are creating your slideshow.
How will the talk transitions work?
  • Approximately 5-10 minutes before your time slot, the moderator will ask you to become a panelist of the Zoom track of your session. Once you join, you can do a quick screen share test and troubleshoot any audio or video issues that have occured.
  • Post-talk, we will have breakout rooms available for attendees to ask you questions, network and chit chat. The moderator will provide that information to those attending your session. 
Should I present my talk live or pre-record it?
  • We encourage you to present your talks live. Attendees want to hear you present and answer questions during the event, as they can watch a recording at any time. If for any reason you are unable to present your talk live, please let MaryBeth know so she can best prepare the team to show your video during the event. (You can email her at: marybeth@sixfeetup.com)

Tech Support

How can I see the conference platform?
  • We will reach out to all speakers a few weeks before the event to schedule a quick 15 minute rundown of the conference presentation platform, LoudSwarm, and answer any additional questions from that point. 
  • This is a time we encourage you to ask any logistical questions, test your surroundings for distractions or background noise, troubleshoot your slideshows, test your mic and video, and everything in between.
  • Should you need to touch base sooner with additional questions, please email MaryBeth at: marybeth@sixfeetup.com
What kind of tech support can I expect?
  • Each track will have a moderator watching your entire talk to pop in and help field any questions, troubleshoot any technical issues, and keep an eye out for anything unusual in your presentation. 
  • The conference organizers can be reached at any time via email at events@sixfeetup.com or via Slack @admins. 
I am worried about my internet connection - what should I do?
  • If you would like to pre-record your talk as a backup and send it to MaryBeth via Slack, you are welcome to do so. To do this, we encourage you to:
    • Record your full talk
    • Post via Unlisted link on YouTube
    • Email MaryBeth the link at: marybeth@sixfeetup.com or send it via Slack @MaryBeth
  • This will be used as a backup video should your internet go out during your presentation. The moderator will begin playing your video where you left off, and we encourage you to join back into the program as quickly as you are able to.


Will the talks be recorded?
  • Yes, all talks will be recorded and made available exclusively to registered attendees and speakers upon processing. The talks will be available to the public via YouTube approximately 3 months post-event.
How are you making videos accessible?
  • We will have captions on all videos post-event.

Have another question we haven't addressed here? Send us an email at: events@sixfeetup.com